History of Pumpkin Seeds and its use for Health Benefits

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Based on historical past, the Indigenous North American tribes were said to be the very first to observe the particular miracle in the pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds or ‘Pepitas’ are small only in their size, not their benefits. They are light green seeds encased in a white husky shell. They are mostly oval in shape. Pumpkin seeds have been roasted and used as a snack all around the world. But they were very popular in ancientGreeceandMexico. It is still the trademark of Mexican Cuisine.


Pumpkin seeds which belong to the genus of ‘cucurbita’ are enriched with protein, iron, phosphorus and copper. They are also a good source of potassium, manganese and magnesium. It is a rich source of L-trytophan, an amino acid that prevents anxiety attacks and other mood disorders. Some nutritionists also call it one of the most perfect foods of nature. They are a natural source of most of the vitamin types of B and even C, D and E. But the benefits of pumpkin seeds do not end here.


Pumpkin seeds found extensive mention in folk medications. This triggered research on pumpkin seed benefits. It was found that pumpkin seeds can help strengthen the immune system as they have a mineral named ‘Selenium’ which is an anti oxidant that aids the immune system. Pumpkin seed benefits include maintaining good health of hair and nails. It is the power house of vitamin B complex- which is the main vitamin that plays an important role in hair and nail health. Formation of calcium oxalate in kidneys is what is referred to as kidney stones. But regular of intake of pumpkin seeds is proved to have dissolved the stones.


This eventually started to gain more importance after some research done started to state that it’s important to reduce prostrate risks in men and its ability to better regulate cholesterol levels in blood. Recently, there is Cancer Research being done to study pumpkin seeds benefits and to help releive bone related issues.


As understood the pumpkin seeds benefit all sections of the society. From kids to their seniors, benefits of pumpkin seeds are valuable.


I have seperated these issues as Pumpkin Seeds Benefits for Men and Women and Why you need to give Pumpkin Seeds to your kids.